Scannable Fake ID New Hampshire

Price:    $  125
Group Price
  • 1-3 IDS $120.00
  • 4-8 IDS $80.00
  • 9+ IDS $60.00

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of New Hampshire.

Term: Generally valid 5 years. Valid 5 birthdays from issue.

Number: If issued after 10/11/1 7, “NHL” (license) or “NHN” (ID) followed by 8 random, computer-generated numbers.

Template: Current design matches New Hampshire licenses issued by the DMV.


  • Microprinting; holographic state seals; UV map, “DMV,” and spiral lines; back has fine-line background.
  • Color-shifting state map in upper right corner, UV state seal.
  • Overlay on seal.
  • Inverted mini-portrait of (NH) cardholder on back.

Scannable Features:

  • Encoded with security overlay; 1D and 2D (Scannable) barcodes on back.
  • License may show out-of-state address.
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