Scannable Fake ID Delaware

Price:    $  125
Group Price
  • 1-3 IDS $120.00
  • 4-8 IDS $80.00
  • 9+ IDS $60.00

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Delaware.

Term: from 1/01/12 to 12/11/16, 5-8 years (previously 5 years).

Number: Up to 7 digits, unspaced, uncoded.

Template: Current design validates Delaware IDs issued by the DMV.


  • Ghost image; OVD include ghost image overlapping photo.
  • Lighthouses, waves, “WE THE PEOPLE” & “DELAWARE”; UV includes ghost image, holder’s initials, horse rider, and birth year (e.g., ID97) in sample.
  • Microprinting; back has fineline design with blue hen.
  • Front comes with Delaware state Flag & Legislative Hall using laser printing.
  • Real ID or “NOT FOR FEDERAL ID.” depends on choice.

Scannable Features:

  • 1D and 2D barcodes contains (DE) license credentials data.
  • Cards are covered with security overlay.
  • The DL number & QR codes are in exact format as issued by the DMV.
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